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Government organizations or political parties exist in every country where there is a democracy. Politics and government always goes hand in hand. Political leaders contest elections to be a part of the government or to have an effect on government policies. These leaders are an inspiration to the youth. They work towards betterment of the country.

The financial health of a state is determined by the state of the leaders. It is therefore extremely important that citizens elect the right representative. The elected representative needs to be a law abiding citizen and a person who genuinely cares about the welfare of the society. 

The political hierarchy is extremely steep. Party supporters or party workers are at the grass root level. Next in hierarchy falls the party members, next in command are the area councilors, zonal councilors, executive officers. Above all these are the members of the legislative assembly.  

The ministers are at the pinnacle of the general hierarchy. These ministers head different departments. The assembly is governed by the state governor.

The state governors are governed by the prime minister or president. All the economic and political decisions are signed off by the president. In other words, president is also known as first person is the apex of the political hierarchy. An efficient Government can determine the fate of a country.


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